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Description:   OCEditor is an open collaboration editor that allows controversial and extendend documents to be created, edited and voted upon (by paragraphs). The discussions and versions are kept.

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LABE - LDAP Address Book Editor LABE is a web-based LDAP Address Book Editor. It makes the setup and use of LDAP addressbooks easy and strives to support a wide range of client software. After a long period of inactivity, new developers want to reactivate this project! Add, modify and delete ...

LaTeX Editor based on Bluefish LaTeX Editor based on Bluefish ( Main Features: (1) Autotext, Auto-Completion, Function References, Syntax highlight (2) External Tools (customizable) (3) UTF8 support. Winefish is a GTK+ application, released under GPL License.

MVP Open Source Project This project will hold many subprojects all of them based on the .NET platform. The main purpose of this project is to keep the MVP comunity connected and working together in an open source project.

Messy Collaboration Framework Messy is a collaboration tool for distributed teams. It provides for instant messaging between members of the collaborating groups, a basic group management framework over which additional capabilities can be layered, and a sample concurrent editor.

MinEd Text Editor Text editor with extensive Unicode and CJK support. Convenient and efficient features for editing of plain text documents, programs, HTML etc. User-friendly interface, mouse control and menus. Runs in a text-mode environment like xterm or mintty. Intuitive user interfaceModern menu system and mouse control in ...

Molecular Viewer and Editor in Java MolStart is a molecular structure viewer and editor in Java. MolStart reads xyz, PDB, tinker, car and Gaussian input files. MolStart also includes force field parameters for protein and DNA atomic typing to add Hydrogen atoms.

PyPE (Python Programmers Editor) PyPE (Python Programmers Editor) was written in order to offer a lightweight but powerful editor for those of you who think emacs is too much and idle is too little. Syntax highlighting is included out of the box, as is multiple open documents via tabs. ...

Conception Collaboration Platform An open source, Web-enabled platform for real-time collaboration in the social construction of shared conceptualisations, supporting the cultivation and curation of semi-formal information structures in an intuitive yet robust way.

DEE Excellent Editor DEE Excellent Editor is a simple source code editor whit syntax highlighting for many languages with a file browser panel to quickly select files. DEE can open files from the local system or directly from an ftp server.

TWiki Collaboration Platform Enterprise collaboration platform with over 400 extensions. Users without programming skills can create web applications. 50,000 small businesses, many Fortune 500 companies, and millions of people use TWiki, with installations of 100,000s of pages. Visit for the open source TWiki.The TWiki community is focusing ...

Open Chord OpenChord is an open source implementation of the Chord distributed hash table as described in the paper by Ion Stoica et al. "Chord: A scalable peer-to-peer lookup service for internet applications". It is available under GNU GPL.

Open Configuration Engine OpenConfig is the first open source based J2EE configuration engine to help organizations better sell, market and service their products or services mix, dramatically reducing the time it takes to go from a customers initial request for a quote.

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